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Ace that Interview

By: Gabrielle Angeles-Abad


After months of sleepless nights, excitement and anticipation, you finally are graduating from college. You want to put yourself out there and start exploring the world. But just when you were planning for it, you realized you needed to save some money to make things happen. Determined, you started looking for job openings, found some, and sent your résumé to these companies. 
A few days later, you received some messages about job vacancies. Unsure about what’s going to happen next, you decided you should try it out. A day before the set date, you realized you had to practice for that interview but don’t know where to start. You started asking around and searching the internet for some questions that could potentially be asked, and came up with/across these:

1. Can you tell me something about yourself?
- This maybe a very simple question but it gauges how you’re fit for the job. You may want to start off with 2-3 specific accomplishments that you’d want the interviewer to know about, then relate it to how it has prepared you for the position you’re applying for.

2. Why should we hire you?
- This question could be intimidating but it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills. You may highlight the ff things: That you can get the job done and deliver great results, that you are flexible and can blend with the team/culture, and that you’d be a better hire than any of the other candidates.

3. What do you consider to be your strengths/weaknesses?
- Your interviewer is gauging your self-awareness and honesty. You may highlight the strengths that you have and how you can use it to your advantage. For weaknesses, think of something that you’re struggling with but that you’re working on to improve.

4. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
- Your answer should focus on how you can still deliver despite having hiccups along the way. You may also share an example of a stressful situation that you were able to navigate with ease.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
- Your interviewer wants to find out about your specific goals. Remember to be honest as he wants to know whether you have ambition, your expectations for your career, and if the position aligns with your goals and growth.

Going through these questions hopefully would help you in acing your job interview. Not only would you be able to establish a career you once dreamt of, but also, be financially stable to finally start exploring the world.