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Weekend Getaway

By:  Jennifer Jamandri


I open my eyes for another day - kill the snooze button a million times over not wanting to get up. It’s half past four in the morning as I catch a glimpse on my phone – I do not want to get up. Metro Manila traffic, here we go again.

I find myself standing under my hot shower – it burned a bit but, I cared less - the water running for a good ten minutes while I go through so many thoughts in my head thinking about having a break.  It’s been three years since I graduated college, I have my family to support, I also have needs – you can say wants. I take a deep breath and snap myself out of my oblivion.

The weekend is fast approaching and I need a quick getaway. Typically, one would see it as a venture with the family like going to the beach or head up to high places for a more chilling weather, see the new found caves in the nearby cities, or just simply get away from Metro Manila.  I see it as simply a welcome change to the routine that is befuddled with work and trivial activities during rest days. 

I take a pencil and a piece of scratch paper from one of the million across my desk – time for a little brainstorming – time to indulge in my impulses. I know I need this and without further interruptions, my mind wanders and my hand starts to write.


1.        RELAX: SPA IT OUT!

Reason why? I was stressing too much on everything I needed a personal retreat.

A.)     Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa (Up North)

“Set in a mountain resort in Antipolo City, Rizal Province, Luljetta’s has a commanding view of the majestic Laguna De Bay and Manila skyline.” I remember I came across a blog one time from “the easy traveler” stating that it was “set in a garden-terraces-like-feel with flowering plants linked with a maze of stairs.” They offer spa sets that include being within the vicinity of this serene place - massages, at an additional cost. They have three infinity pools, one of which gives you the breathtaking view of the Laguna de Bay and Manila’s soothing sunset.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa
Loreland Farm Resort
Brgy. San Roque, 
Antipolo City, Philippines 1870

Source: http://www.bienvenidotours.com/luljettas-hanging-gardens-and-spa.htmlc


B.)     T House Tagaytay (Down South)

“T House is about tranquility. Leave all your worries behind, relax and awaken your senses in this hideaway.” More on the middle costly side of things however, the price would only mean it is worth it. This IS Tagaytay we are talking about. They have 15 Zen inspired bed and breakfast hotel rooms, towered by mahogany trees circulating the location. A good walk in the compound at night would also be lovely knowing they have dimly lit lights and circle fountains.  As this IS Tagaytay, I could do a side trip to my favorite Ukay-Ukay spots before heading home as well. Tempting offer.


3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Source: http://thousetagaytay.com


C.)      The Farm at San Benito

“A unique Wellness Center - has the perfect retreat that your body seeks” Three days is enough for a quick R&R, they can personalize my wellness program from detoxification packages up to a number of health and wellness retreats. The area would be surrounded by numerous flora and fauna which is perfect for resting the mind, body and soul. I am pretty sure that you would be taken care of once you step foot this sanctuary.


119 Barangay Tipakan
4217 Lipa City, Batangas

Source: http://www.thefarmatsanbenito.com



/ A vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. /

More often than not, here in manila, a “staycation” would be me relaxing and enjoying a nice hotel room along with its services and even get good hotel room discounts. I could get one that would include buffet breakfast, get a massage, lap the pool, enjoy the clubs within the vicinity and maybe even meet someone at the hotel lobby. It would always be up to you on how or where you want to “staycation.”

If I go down south, I think “staycationing” in style and elegance would be The Crimson Hotel because of its location and it being getting your money’s worth. This property is the true representation of grandeur for the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Up north, I would say -The Penthouse Hotel and Residences. The drive to Angeles, Pampanga is part of the adventure. The property offers an outdoor pool with breathtaking views of the mountains. Once you head to your room, romantic bath tubs, crisp clean furniture and design; along with a comfortable lifestyle await.


3.        THE ART IN YOU : The Collective Makati

I have always wanted to exude my inner artsy-geekiness and I think this weekend would be a good idea! Originally built as a warehouse it was gladly turned into a haven for the discovery of passion and appreciation of the visual arts. The compound is plastered with all sorts of graffiti and memoriam of well known individuals in the industry. Now entitled as the "mini-art district,”- The Collective houses independent stores, shops, house galleries and restaurants. Inner Art Geek – are you ready?


7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City.  


4.        STAY AT HOME: Wear what you wish and catch up on sleep..

Heading out of the house would be awesome to get my mind away from things but, what if sleep is what I need? First of all I was thinking that I could dial someone in and hire a professional masseuse, I could watch all the films and catch up on the series’ I have been neglecting to watch every weekend, I could crank up the volume sit on my couch and munch on a bag of Cheetos Jalapenos. During the day, maybe I can do the things I have not been able to do on weekdays like, head to the mall, catch up with friends, set a potluck gig at one of my good friends’ house and do a slumber party when night falls.


I stare at the paper and contemplate on the list I made. I actually came up with something - I ask myself why I haven’t been doing these for the longest time. Finally, I gather my things, dial my sister’s number, and head out the door. I find myself smiling as I step out thinking, “Hey! This is going to be an awesome weekend ahead!” My sister picks up and I tell her the possibilities of accomplishing the “weekend getaway madness” I’m in. Agreeing to the idea; I finally find something for me and her to look forward to in the next couple of weekends.