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How to Enjoy the Rainy Season

By:  Reginald Caceres


sad man 


The cold and wet rainy season is here! Going to the mall will be trouble. Long awaited meetings with old friends will be cancelled. Family outings will have to be rescheduled. Even the little time you’ve been sparing from your over-the-top, deadly schedule to take a walk in the park would just have to wait. That is right! Everything just has to be ruined!

Now, the next thing you will do is sing your blues to fit well with the weather. Congratulations! Nature has just defeated you. If you are the type to just recline, rest and go crazy-sentimental during a rainy day, stop now, don’t waste any time reading further, go back to bed and be the potato that you are supposed to be.  However, if you really want to be productive and score against the weather, here are some tips to put shades of color on a bland, blue, rainy day.




I am not kidding! The first way to enjoy the rainy season is to keep yourself healthy. The rain doesn’t only bring the cold but also the colds, the flu and other diseases. How will you enjoy if you will be too busy sneezing and shivering under the covers? The rainy season can be a great time to catch up on some exercise and give the immune system a boost.


indoor games



You might already be thinking of surfing the web or going on a movie marathon to spend the rainy days. But put that remote down and don’t open that computer just yet. When was the last time you, your friends and family quarreled over monopoly? Do you still have a complete set of UNO cards? How about Jengga blocks? Go ahead and open that old, dusty toy chest of yours and find something that everyone can play together. Physical games can also be a good option. Your choices can go from the very petty games like hide and seek and blind tag to indoor sports like balloon baseball and table tennis. Just make sure that you don’t break anything.




Kill the boredom and try something new. Do crafts at home without even spending money for materials. Take the old scrap materials you have stored in the basement and let your imagination create new things. Make chimes from old bottles, decorate old pots or old lamps, make cute little bird houses from scrap wood and leftover paint, and if you’re good you can even make money by selling them. Go ahead, your imagination is the only limit.




Beat the cold by stuffing yourself full with hearty home-made meals. What would be better than staying warm with a steaming bowl of soup? Chicken soup, macaroni soup, vegetable soup, it’s you call. If you’re not up for it and you want something sweet but just as filling for an afternoon snack, go and whip up some “champorado”  or “ginataang halu-halo” for everyone.




Don’t feel bad if your travels got cancelled. Just take time to relax your body and feed the mind. Get your warmest comforter, curl up with your back against a pillow and snuggle up in bed with your favorite book. Wouldn’t it be so relaxing to have a cold environment, warm bed, good book, the sound of rain pattering outside, topping it off with a cup of hot tea, coffee or chocolate? Go ahead and do it. Rest your back and let all the stress out with a sigh of pleasure.


If you didn’t find any of the tips helpful or fulfilling, you better start thinking of other options right now. It doesn’t have to be big or really crazy. The main idea is just to do something. Even if it’s just a normal thing like eating a snack or talking to someone, make it enjoyable; turn it to a simple pleasure that you will be able to do every day.