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New Year’s Resolutions

By:  Leandro Manuel C. Antazo “Papa Bear”


So the fireworks have finally run out and there are obvious burn marks all over the streets and in some houses.  The hospitals have their hands full with some injured merrymakers and a lot of debris can be seen around the metro hailing a wonderful start of the New Year.  All that’s left is for the smog that is still permeating in the air to clear and we can officially call it a wonderful turn of events that has heralded another awesome party welcoming 2015.  The obvious question on everyone’s mind is “What’s Next?”

 To state the obvious, it’s probably the time to make a couple of changes since every year is seen as a new beginning much like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  If the past year wasn’t as great as you may have hoped, maybe it’s time to step it up a notch and do something different this time around.  Much like a relationship that’s just starting out, perhaps a committed effort to stay on a certain path can do wonders for you.  I’m talking about your “NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION”. 

 Believe it or now, New Year’s resolutions can be traced as far back to ancient Babylon where they made promises to their gods at the start of each year.  Not that we’re talking about worshipping other gods and so on but it’s actually good to know that history has given us an insight towards accomplishing things in light of the year ahead.  Bear in mind though that a serious resolution should not be taken lightly and although we may have high hopes to accomplish our goals, we would still have to set realistic expectations towards what we would want to attain / gain.  Having mentioned this, here are a couple of things to keep in mind when setting your New Year’s resolutions.




As previously mentioned, you don’t have to start off with something big.  Making little changes can still pay off in huge dividends in the end.  Something simple like “be more polite to my officemates”, “visit my parents once a week”, “say ‘I love you’ to my wife at least once a day”, “cut down on my rice to one cup per meal”, “read more books”, “jog for 1 hour every Sunday”, or “save 500php every cut-off”.  As simple as these commitments look now, you’ll be surprised when you start following through as little changes can pave the way towards a better you in the near future.

 If you’ve done this before and / or looking for a new challenge that you feel that you’re able to accomplish, setting up bigger and more daring resolutions can also be feasible.  Something big and or life changing can be “find my soul-mate”, “buy a new car”, “buy a house / apartment”, “finish my master’s degree”, “obtain a VISA”, “earn my first million”, “travel to Europe”, “lose 50 pounds”, “work abroad”, or “get promoted”.  These are a little more daunting for some people however these are also perfectly attainable.  Requiring a lot more commitment though, you not only set off to change your lifestyle but you’re also liable to change your habits and focus entirely on making this resolution as your goal for the NEW YEAR. 




Making the change to attain any goal or to complete your resolution is probably easier said than done.  For one thing, you’re going to have to keep your resolution in mind at least half the time in order for you to follow it.  Some people may resort to posting it on their refrigerator or using it as a screensaver on their phones as a daily reminder.  Whatever your preference, being able to remind yourself on a daily basis should prove to be an adequate medium with which you can still follow through with that one goal in mind.

 It’s easy to be more polite to people or to save a couple of bucks every payday, it’s a harder road ahead for more ambitious goals / resolutions as you not only have to remind yourself about it on a daily basis, but you would have to keep yourself from straying too far from the path.  Much like losing weight, you’d have to resort towards eating healthier foods instead of your usual fast food diet on a daily basis.  It can be grueling and challenging as that one change is pretty hard to follow since you’re having trouble letting go of your old habits.  Another example when you’re setting off to buy a new car would probably mean lessening your expenses on a daily basis as well. Not being able to shop regularly or go out every weekend is just the tip of the iceberg.  Being able to save up for something you really want necessitates a drastic change in lifestyle no to mention adapting towards how you can support yourself and your new ride at the same time when the time finally comes for you to pick it up. 



follow through

Following through is how you’re able to objectify the resolutions you’ve made and how it may have changed you as a person for the better.  Should it be a good habit to keep like “reading more books” then it would probably be logical and favorable for you to keep doing so.  Much like exercising more for a healthier, fitter you, it’s not really a bad thing to continue doing even after the year has ended and you’ve achieved that one resolution.  Depending on what you’ve attained in achieving your New Year’s resolution, it’s down to how much you want to keep doing it if it proves to be something meaningful and advantageous to you as a person. 

 For your more prestigious goals like getting a new car or getting promoted, it’s the aftermath that you’re going to have to follow through on.  Seeing as though you’ve already achieved getting your car and or getting that promotion, what comes after is always more challenging than what you’ve done to attain it.  As UFC commentators would say “you’re not a true champion if you don’t defend your title”, this just means that it’s easier to get to the top as compared to staying there.  Here you will have to work a lot harder to keep that new car of yours well maintained and running smoothly every time you take it out for a drive.  This means more expenses like gas and regular maintenance.  Likewise, your new position in the company would have you doing other tasks you may not have been used to before, therefore you’ll have to step up and do a lot more in order for you to keep your job.  Whatever the case may be, remember, a New Year’s resolution is just you saying you want to achieve a goal that YOU set for yourself.  So don’t just think about it if you’re really serious.  LIVE IT, ACHIEVE IT, and STRIVE to keep it.