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Planning the Year Ahead

By:  Leandro Manuel C. Antazo “Papa Bear”


Since it’s officially 2015 and the future has never looked so good, it might be a good time to start making preparations for the year ahead.  Granted that we’re still not flying around in hover-cars nor are we able to zip by on hover-boards as depicted in the 1980’s hit movie “Back to the Future 2”, there are still a ton of things to look forward to.  It may not be the generation where we could end up in a civilization as depicted by futuristic movies like “Minority Report”, “I Am Robot”, or ‘Total Recall”, but we’re still within our own generation where fun and exciting times are just in front of us.

 Though some of us go through our years without looking too far into the future and would rely on “spur of the moment” tactics where we just drop everything in order to be spontaneous, it would also be a wise choice to make sure things can go smoothly as you would want them to be.  This is done through planning ahead and making do with the time you have in order for the year to be much more fruitful with fun and exciting things waiting for you in the months to come.  As Filipinos, we are usually caught up in what’s up for tomorrow instead of what’s going to happen in the months afterwards.  By making sure that we take into consideration the near future, we can definitely do a lot more in regard to what we plan to do and how we plan on doing so. 

 In terms of planning ahead, we could be looking at different perspectives as we all have different personalities, goals, and opinions on what to do and how to do it.  As it could be something you’d be seriously putting a lot of effort and a committed mindset on, it could also be a part of your new year’s resolutions if not THE resolution you can set for yourself.  These are the different facets of our lives that we can focus on depending on what you would like to set for yourself.  So in terms of planning ahead, let’s take a look at certain things we can accomplish.




Probably one of things that may remain at the forefront of every working person’s mind, your career is certainly something viable to focus your efforts into.  Not that it’s just a job or a way to make a living, it’s also how you carry yourself as a productive member of society.  Depending on where you work like the food and beverage industry, customer service, the media or film industry, in the field of medicine, the transportation industry, or the government, you are not only entitled towards receiving monetary compensation, but the chance to do more and become more as time passes.

 This can be in the form of growth like a promotion where you get to do something new, exciting, and where a lot of other people could benefit from your leadership.  It might be a risky move but switching careers can also pave the way for wonderful things in your future.  Whether or not you decide to proceed with your current path or move on to a different one, opportunities are always up for grabs.  Your career is primarily an extension of you and although it can just be a job for some, it can also be considered as the one defining outlet of your abilities.  Just remember the adage “if you love what you do, you won’t work another day in your life”. 




Since the year ahead will bring forth new challenges for you, it would also be good to put those challenges in play by focusing on your relationships.  Different facets of it would include your relationship with a significant other, your spouse and kids, and your extended family.  If you’re still alone and are looking to spend your life with someone else, you would have to make a concentrated effort towards getting to know that person and making a commitment when the time is right.  Should you be looking to settle down and possibly start a family, you can plan ahead and see about where you stand in terms of making a more permanent transition with your loved one that would last a lifetime.  This is where family planning would take center stage if you’re already talking about having kids and move in together. 

 You can also plan on possibly spending more time with your spouse and your kids as being a parent would necessitate total commitment towards your significant other as well as your brood.  Planning family outings and vacations could really jump start your year as you can already look forward to doing some exciting and fun activities with your wife and kids.  Not discounting your other family which includes siblings and your parents, you can also plan ahead and include them in certain celebrations, occasional night outs, and even in-house bonding.  As Filipinos, our families are considered to be the rock where we base our future on.  Being the most important part of our lives, they will always be there when we need them so it’s just natural for us to make sure that they’re included in the things we do. 



time off

Apart from family and career, it’s also important for you to plan ahead with some of the things that YOU enjoy personally.  This could be something that you’re enthusiastic about and would help you in clearing your head throughout the pitfalls that happen in everyday life like a hobby.  Some examples of hobbies would be collecting comic books, collecting toys, collecting coins or stamps, reading books, playing Airsoft with your friends, or playing a sport that you’re really into. 

 Your personal time can do wonders for you apart from the support you get from your family and acquaintances as it provides you with an outlet that you can achieve by yourself for yourself.  Much like a distraction that could help focus on what’s more important in life, hobbies and sports make up for your own personal little quirks that can help you remain motivated.  Taking some time off for yourself is just another method of with which you can become better as the year progresses.  You can plan ahead for activities such as games with your friends on a weekly basis, bi-monthly meet-ups with your pals from the comic book store, or a daily workout with your friends through hoops.  Whatever the hobby you’re pursuing, it’s just another method of rejuvenating yourself every now and then, keeping you active in both mind and body.