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Staying Fit after the Holiday Season

By:  Leandro Manuel C. Antazo “Papa Bear”


The indulgences have come to a screeching stop as the holidays have drawn their inevitable conclusion and you look down to see a little bulge that’s roughly your tummy up two to three times its regular size.  You might be wondering “where did that come from?”.  Well if you weren’t paying attention to all that binging you’ve done during Christmas and New Year, no one can help you.  On the other hand, a little holiday weight is regularly expected to drop by in the form of additional fat centering around one’s abdominal area.  With all the beer and fatty foods one can expect to consume during Noche Buena and all the New Year’s Eve parties one can attend, it’s sort of a tradition to welcome a bigger belly after the holidays.

 The question that’s looming is “what to do, what to do?”  For some people, it’s pretty much a moot point since the belly is there already and they might feel okay about it staying for the rest of the year.  This goes along with the predetermined acceptance of weight gain due to certain factors that would prevent them to do otherwise.  For some people though, the possibility of gaining and keeping the weight from the holidays is absolutely unacceptable as they make it a point to lose it in any way possible.  They even take it as a challenge so as to keep one’s overall physique healthy throughout the entire year despite the holiday break and merrymaking.  So how do they do it?

 Since not everyone is a fitness buff and there really is no one right way to lose weight, here are a couple of things to consider should you want to lose that extra poundage and stay fit right after the holiday season.




Staying fit should be a commitment not taken lightly.  If you really want to succeed in the things you set out for, better make the resolve to do so.  One way is to start such is to make it a part of your New Year’s resolutions.  It may seem like any other new fad but if you can start to make it happen along with the introduction of the New Year, good things are certainly looking to come your way once the months roll by.  Everything starts with one’s mindset as it is mainly the mental battles that will take its toll and not the physical aspect of working out to lose weight.  Why? Because the decision to get up off the couch is fraught with thoughts of comfort and relaxation which is the predecessor towards procrastination.

 Our mental faculties are most important when determining what we want to do as well as what we’re supposed to do.  Whether or not it’s all about following up with commitments and / or resolutions, we won’t be able to do anything unless we decide and eventually stick to following through with those decisions.  Simply put, the key to staying physically fit is to stay mentally fit.  You should be able to follow through with your decisions and not second guess yourself when deciding on a particular course of action.  If the action is for you to benefit from physical exertion, then you should definitely go for it as it only serves to extend your longevity.  After all, who doesn’t want to live longer?

martial arts


So you’re already well versed when it comes to staying active and maybe the old challenges aren’t really that exciting for you anymore.  If you’re the type who plays basketball during the weekends or go to the gym every now and then, you may just be looking to kick start your work out habits in order to stay motivated and fit.  Why not try something different then?  Instead of basketball, you could always play tennis or badminton with a buddy.  You can also try indoor football or futsal as a change of pace.  Instead of hitting weights right off the bat, maybe you can try cross fit and focus on your cardio instead of weight gain and muscle building.

 If you’re looking to lose some weight yet you’re not into high impact training, you can take a much more laid back methods like Yoga and / or Pilates.  Another option that can help with flexibility and body movement would be Aerobics or even Zumba.   If you’re ultra-competitive, you can try out new sports like Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, or even wrestling.  As a matter of fact, these fighting forms are being taught in almost every Mixed Martial Arts gym in the country.  Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a good workout combination that tackles different types of combat sports, then Mixed Martial Arts could be just for you. 




If you’re just looking to stay trim and not overly fit, you can always put on your running shoes and enjoy the cool breeze outside.  Instead of sitting in your nice air-conditioned room playing video games where your metabolism is probably grinding to a slow crawl, why not boost your immunity by playing actual games outside the house?  You can take your kids out to the park or garden where you can play tag.  You can always take advantage of the nice parks around the Metro by going for a walk or a jog.  You can even bring a companion with your jaunt like your dog and your kids so you won’t have to feel conscious about running all by your lonesome.  As Filipinos are generally fond of the outdoors, then why not embrace that part of our culture and actually enjoy the outdoors for a change?

 Speaking of playing outside, you can always find a nice patch of grass and start kicking around the soccer ball for a couple of minutes till you build up a sweat.  You can call up a couple of your friends and you can start doing short scrimmages with each other to keep it interesting.  Other sports that would require you to enjoy the grassy fields with the wind whipping in your hair would be Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby, and Softball / Baseball.  If you’re really looking for a challenge you can also try Flag Football.  As the non-contact version of American Football, this sport allows you to work on your mental acuity through memorizing plays on the go along with intense bursts of energy through routes during every play.  If you really want to try these sports, check out the University of the Philippines’ Sunken Garden every Sunday.  You’re bound to see all these sports being played on one big stretch of green pasture.