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World Wide Corporate Center, Mandaluyong

To create prevention plans and assist every account´s team to guarantee the account security providing guidelines information. To support the development and implementation of plans, policies and/or procedures for identification, analysis and mitigation of risks that could impact the operations of the account as well as improve the account Verizon Master Audit, Clean Desk Audits. To perform security audits to ensure compliance with corporate security policies and procedures, and contractual obligations of the account. To coordinate and review with account operation the technologies changes, accounts movements, account expansion and any other change to guarantee the account security. To make an analysis and provide solutions to improve the security account. To coordinate with account operations when exist any kind of frauds or any suspicious act and follow up them until they are resolved. To conduct on-site risk assessments, perform gap analysis and summit recommendations for security improvements across the account. To participate in meetings proposed by the client or by the account. To adhere to the account’s policies regarding equal employment opportunities. Be the point of contact between client and account operations. To create reports of the offender’s cases (agents) and send them to account operations and Verizon. To ensure that the infrastructure, emergency equipment and gates are in a good status and according to the contracts. To keep documental information confidential and protect it from unauthorized use. To perform any other tasks, duties or services requested by his/her immediate superior. To perform monthly site inspections .